$50,000 Reward Offered for Details on Deaths of 3 Endangered Gray Wolves in Oregon

By worldwidetracers.com Feb 11, 2024

$50,000 Reward Offered for Details

$50,000 Reward-In southern Oregon, a tragic discovery has unfolded, as three endangered gray wolves were found dead. Federal authorities have responded by offering a substantial $50,000 reward for any information that sheds light on the circumstances surrounding their deaths. The somber revelation came after the monitoring collars of two of the wolves emitted distress signals on December 29, prompting a swift response from state wildlife protection personnel, according to an announcement made by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on a Friday.

$50,000 Reward

$50,000 Reward-Following the distress signals, authorities were led to the bodies of two collared wolves and one wolf without a collar in the eastern vicinity of Bly, Oregon. Despite this discovery, no details regarding the cause of their deaths have been disclosed at this time.

The reward is being extended to individuals who can provide information that leads to an arrest, criminal conviction, or civil penalty assessment in relation to the deaths of these magnificent creatures.

According to the official release, the deceased wolves include the adult, breeding female OR115, and the subadult OR142 from the Gearhart Mountain Pack. The third wolf was also identified as a subadult, or adolescent wolf.

These unfortunate events unfolded in an area known for its wolf activity, spanning across Klamath and Lake counties. Gray wolves inhabiting the western two-thirds of Oregon are granted protection under the federal Endangered Species Act due to their endangered status, as confirmed by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has reported that there are only seven wolves remaining in the Gearhart Mountain pack, including the breeding male.

Efforts to uncover more details about the circumstances surrounding the deaths are currently underway, with CNN reaching out to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for additional information.

Anyone who possesses pertinent information regarding the case is urged to reach out to either the federal agency or the Oregon State Police, as emphasized by the service.

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