A Year Ago, Her Engagement Ring Vanished at a Hospital

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A Year Ago, Her Engagement Ring Vanished

A Year Ago-Faye Bauman, 85 years old, was wearing her diamond engagement ring when she fell and broke her hip in June of last year. At North Florida Hospital in Gainesville, she removed several pieces of jewelry, including the cherished ring, and handed them to a nurse for safekeeping. After undergoing surgery, she moved to a rehabilitation center to recover. It was there that she realized she had left the hospital without her jewelry, most heartbreakingly without her diamond engagement ring from the love of her life.

A Year Ago-Faye could still vividly remember the moment he gave her that ring. His eyes were eager and innocent. They had met at a party and ended up holding hands under the table by the end of the evening. He had saved up to buy her that ring—a half-carat diamond set in white gold. One day, he appeared at her office, dropped to one knee, and proposed. He looked stunning in his Navy dress uniform. She said yes, and as she slipped the ring onto her finger, she marveled at how the diamond caught the light.

A Year Ago-Fifty-six years later, that precious diamond ring, now set in a newer band of yellow gold, vanished at the hospital. Faye Bauman was determined to find out why.

A Year Ago

A Year Ago-For almost a year, Faye and her daughter tirelessly sought answers. They spoke with at least four hospital officials, filed a police report that classified the missing jewelry as grand theft, and tried every avenue they could think of. But their efforts were met with frustration and disappointment. The jewelry seemed to be gone forever, and by May 2024, no one had offered to make the situation right.

A Year Ago-In her frustration, Faye decided to share her story with the media. She wrote a long message from her iPad, apologizing for any errors that might be caused by her macular degeneration. She wrote, “At the present time, the CEO is not returning my calls. I have done everything they have told me to do but at this point it seems I don’t exist.”

A Year Ago-A CNN reporter took up her cause, making inquiries with the hospital and the police department. While waiting for responses, the reporter conducted multiple phone interviews with Faye, during which she shared her story.

A Year Ago-Faye did not expect to see her diamond ring again, but she realized this was an opportunity to talk about something even more important: the man who gave her the ring.

A Year Ago-“I want to tell you, I was not a princess when I met him,” Faye said. “Tom made me a princess.”

A Year Ago-Cherishing a Lifetime of Memories

A Year Ago-Before Tom and Faye were married, Tom took care of his sick mother, an experience that ingrained in him a habit of serving others. This nurturing spirit continued throughout their marriage. Day after day, Tom would bring Faye breakfast in bed. He would pick a flower from the yard and place it in a tiny Waterford vase on her breakfast tray. He asked her how she wanted her banana sliced and brought her English tea, toast and jam, and a coddled egg.

A Year Ago-Faye was divorced with three young daughters when she met Tom. He treated the girls as if they were his own, providing them with the love and support they needed.

A Year Ago-Tom and Faye were married for 48 wonderful years. Faye worked as a mental-health counselor, while Tom served in the Navy Supply Corps. After his military service, he obtained his contractor’s license and remodeled every house they lived in. He handled plumbing and electrical work, added family rooms, installed French doors, and even took on extra work to buy and install a Jacuzzi for Faye.

A Year Ago-Tom’s dedication to his family was unwavering. He always found ways to make Faye feel special and loved. His attention to detail and his willingness to go above and beyond for her were testaments to the deep love and respect he had for his wife.

A Year Ago-A Final Chapter Filled with Love

A Year Ago-As Faye shared her memories, she emphasized that the final years of their marriage were not the same due to Tom’s declining health. But even as his health deteriorated, Tom’s love for Faye never wavered. He continued to show his affection in the small ways he could, reinforcing the strong bond they had built over the years.

A Year Ago-Faye’s love for Tom remains undiminished. She cherishes the memories of their life together and the man who made her feel like a princess. Losing the ring was a heartbreaking experience, but it did not diminish the love and memories she holds dear.

In the end, Faye’s story is not just about a missing ring. It is a testament to a lifetime of love, dedication, and cherished memories. It is a reminder that the true value of a ring lies not in its material worth, but in the love and commitment it represents.

Continuing the Search for Answers

Faye and her daughter continued to seek answers about the missing jewelry. Despite the lack of response from the hospital, they refused to give up. They reached out to various officials and organizations, hoping that someone would take their concerns seriously and help them find closure.

The CNN reporter’s involvement brought renewed attention to their plight. The hospital and police department were now under scrutiny, and there was hope that this increased visibility might lead to answers. Faye’s story resonated with many people who empathized with her loss and admired her perseverance.

The Impact of the Loss

The loss of the engagement ring was not just about the material value. It was a symbol of Faye’s enduring love for Tom and the life they had built together. The ring represented the promises they made to each other and the countless memories they shared.

For Faye, losing the ring felt like losing a part of Tom. It was a tangible connection to their past, a reminder of the day he proposed and all the years they spent together. The emotional impact of the loss was profound, and it was compounded by the frustration of not knowing what had happened to it.

The Strength of Faye’s Spirit

Throughout the ordeal, Faye’s spirit remained strong. She continued to cherish the memories of her life with Tom and the love they shared. She drew strength from those memories and the knowledge that Tom would have wanted her to keep going, to keep fighting for answers.

Faye’s determination to find out what happened to her ring was driven by a desire for closure, not just for herself, but for the memory of Tom. She wanted to honor his love and the life they had together by not giving up.

A Community of Support

Faye’s story touched many people, and she received an outpouring of support from friends, family, and even strangers who heard about her situation. This support helped her stay positive and motivated, knowing that she was not alone in her quest for answers.

The community rallied around Faye, offering their assistance and encouragement. Some shared their own stories of loss and resilience, providing her with a sense of solidarity and hope.

A Lesson in Love and Perseverance

Faye’s experience serves as a powerful lesson in love and perseverance. Despite the loss and the challenges she faced, she remained steadfast in her love for Tom and her determination to find answers. Her story is a reminder that true love endures even in the face of adversity and that the memories of loved ones can provide strength and comfort during difficult times.

Moving Forward

As Faye continued her search for the missing ring, she also focused on preserving the memories of her life with Tom. She shared stories of their time together with her children and grandchildren, ensuring that the legacy of their love would live on.

Faye’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of love and the importance of cherishing the moments we have with those we hold dear. While the loss of the ring was a significant and painful experience, it also highlighted the depth of her love for Tom and the impact he had on her life.


A year after her engagement ring vanished at the hospital, Faye Bauman still cherishes the man who gave it to her. The search for the missing ring has been a challenging and often frustrating experience, but it has also provided an opportunity for Faye to reflect on the love and memories she shared with Tom.

Through her determination and the support of her community, Faye continues to seek answers while honoring the memory of the man who made her feel like a princess. Her story is a powerful reminder of the enduring nature of love and the importance of holding onto the memories that matter most.

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