Former Executive Assistant Found Guilty of Murdering Great Tech CEO in 2020

By Jun 26, 2024

Former Executive Assistant Found Guilty

Former-In a chilling case that shook New York City, Tyrese Haspil, the former executive assistant to tech CEO Fahim Saleh, has been convicted of murder. The verdict, delivered on Monday, confirmed that Haspil killed and gruesomely dismembered Saleh in 2020. This case has drawn widespread attention due to its brutal nature and the betrayal of trust it involved.

Former-According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the 25-year-old Haspil murdered Fahim Saleh, 33, to cover up his embezzlement of approximately $400,000 from the entrepreneur. Saleh, who was the CEO of Gokada, a Nigerian motorcycle ride-hail company, had discovered the financial discrepancies and was poised to confront Haspil about them.


Former-The trial revealed shocking details about the events leading up to the murder. Haspil, in a desperate bid to conceal his theft, planned and executed the murder with chilling precision. On the fateful day, he attacked Saleh in his luxury Manhattan apartment, incapacitated him with a taser, and then proceeded to kill and dismember him.

Former-The jury found Haspil guilty on multiple counts: one count of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree grand larceny, one count of second-degree burglary, and other related charges. This conviction marks a significant step in a case that has been closely followed by the public and media alike.

Former-The case against Haspil was built on a mountain of evidence, including surveillance footage, forensic data, and financial records that pointed to his motive and actions. Prosecutors painted a picture of a trusted employee who, when faced with the consequences of his actions, chose to commit a heinous crime rather than come clean.

Former-Fahim Saleh was a visionary entrepreneur who had made significant strides in the tech industry. His company, Gokada, was a prominent player in the Nigerian transportation sector, aiming to revolutionize ride-hailing services with motorcycles. Saleh’s sudden and violent death sent shockwaves through the tech community, especially among his colleagues and friends who admired his drive and ambition.

Former-The murder occurred in Saleh’s luxury apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Authorities described a gruesome crime scene, with Saleh’s dismembered body found in various parts of the apartment. The brutality of the murder left an indelible mark on all those who followed the case.

Former-Haspil was arrested shortly after the murder, with investigators quickly zeroing in on him due to the financial irregularities he had been involved in. The trial proceedings revealed the extent of Haspil’s betrayal and his desperate attempts to evade detection. He had meticulously planned the crime, even purchasing equipment to dismember Saleh’s body in an effort to dispose of the evidence.

Former-Throughout the trial, the defense attempted to portray Haspil as a young man under extreme pressure, driven to commit the crime out of fear and desperation. However, the overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecution left little room for doubt about his culpability.

Former-The jury’s decision to convict Haspil on all charges brings a measure of justice to Saleh’s family and friends, who have been grappling with the loss of a beloved son, brother, and friend. The verdict also sends a strong message about the consequences of such heinous acts, particularly those involving betrayal and financial misconduct.

As the legal process moves towards sentencing, Haspil faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. This outcome, while bringing some closure, cannot undo the tragedy of Fahim Saleh’s untimely death. His legacy, however, lives on through the impact he had on the tech industry and the memories cherished by those who knew him.

Saleh’s journey from a close-knit immigrant family to a successful tech entrepreneur is a testament to his hard work and determination. He was known for his innovative ideas and his commitment to making a difference, not just in the tech world but also in the communities he served through his ventures. His loss is deeply felt by all who were touched by his vision and generosity.

The case has also highlighted the importance of trust and integrity in professional relationships. The betrayal by Haspil, someone Saleh trusted implicitly, underscores the devastating consequences of financial misconduct and the lengths to which some individuals might go to cover up their wrongdoings.

As the tech community continues to mourn the loss of Fahim Saleh, his story serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of holding onto our values and integrity, even in the face of adversity. The conviction of Tyrese Haspil, while a step towards justice, also serves as a sobering reflection on the darker aspects of human nature and the need for vigilance in all our dealings.

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