Suspected Arkansas Grocery Store Shooter Armed with Pistol, 12-Gauge Shotgun, and Dozens of Extra Rounds, Authorities Say

By Jun 24, 2024

Suspected Arkansas Grocery Store Shooter

Suspected-A tragic mass shooting occurred at a grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, where the suspect, identified as 44-year-old Travis Eugene Posey, was heavily armed. Authorities provided details about the weapons Posey carried during a news conference on Sunday. According to the police, Posey was armed with a pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun, and had a bandolier filled with numerous extra rounds for his shotgun.

Suspected-The Incident

Suspected-The shooting took place at the Mad Butcher grocery store on Friday, leading to a devastating loss of life and multiple injuries. Posey’s actions resulted in the deaths of four individuals, whose ages ranged from 23 to 81 years old, and injuries to nine others. Secretary of Public Safety and Director of Arkansas State Police, Mike Hagar, reported that Posey arrived at the scene armed and ready to commit violence.

Suspected-Sequence of Events

Suspected-Upon arriving at the Mad Butcher, Posey immediately began attacking people in the parking lot before moving inside the store. Hagar mentioned that it is believed most of the rounds fired by Posey were from his shotgun. Once inside, Posey continued his indiscriminate shooting spree, targeting both customers and employees.

Suspected-Law Enforcement Response

Suspected-Law enforcement officials were quick to respond to the scene, arriving in less than three minutes after the first shot was fired. Officers exchanged gunfire with Posey, ultimately managing to stop the threat. Hagar noted that the entire engagement with Posey lasted less than five minutes. Posey was wounded in the exchange but sustained non-life-threatening injuries. He was subsequently taken into custody and transported to the Ouachita County Detention Center.

Suspected-Charges and Court Appearance

Suspected-Posey is expected to face multiple charges, including four counts of capital murder. Additional charges are likely as the investigation progresses. According to an Arkansas State Police news release, Posey is set to appear in court on Monday. Dallas County prosecutor Eric Marks confirmed this information.


Suspected-Motive and Background

As of now, the motive behind Posey’s actions remains unclear. Hagar stated that Posey’s criminal history is minimal or possibly nonexistent, making it challenging to understand his reasons for committing such a heinous act. There is no information yet on whether Posey has obtained legal representation.

The Victims

The four victims who lost their lives in the shooting have been identified by the police as 23-year-old Callie Weems, 50-year-old Roy Sturgis, 62-year-old Shirley Taylor, and 81-year-old Ellen Shrum. Weems, the youngest victim, leaves behind a 10-month-old daughter named Ivy. A GoFundMe campaign has been established by family friends to assist with Weems’ funeral expenses.

Community Impact and Reactions

The Fordyce community has been deeply affected by this tragic event. The loss of life and the injuries sustained by numerous individuals have left a lasting impact on the town. Community members are coming together to support the families of the victims and those who were injured in the shooting.

Local officials and law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to investigate the incident and provide support to the affected families. The quick response by law enforcement officers, who arrived within minutes and engaged the shooter, is being praised for potentially preventing further loss of life.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, with authorities meticulously gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to piece together the events leading up to and during the attack. Forensic teams are analyzing the crime scene, and detectives are working to uncover any possible connections or motivations that may have driven Posey to carry out the shooting.

Gun Control and Policy Discussions

This incident has reignited discussions on gun control and public safety policies in Arkansas and across the United States. Advocates for stricter gun control laws are using this tragedy to call for more stringent regulations on firearm ownership and background checks. On the other hand, opponents of increased gun control argue for the protection of Second Amendment rights and the importance of self-defense.

Support for the Victims and Their Families

In the aftermath of the shooting, various organizations and community groups are mobilizing to provide support to the victims and their families. Fundraisers, memorial services, and community gatherings are being organized to honor those who lost their lives and to assist those who are recovering from their injuries.

Counseling services and support groups are being made available to help community members cope with the trauma and emotional impact of the incident. The resilience and solidarity of the Fordyce community are evident as people come together to navigate through this difficult time.

Media Coverage and Public Awareness

The mass shooting at the Mad Butcher has garnered significant media attention, bringing national and international awareness to the tragic event. News outlets are covering the story extensively, providing updates on the investigation, the legal proceedings, and the community’s response.

Social media platforms are also playing a role in spreading information and rallying support for the victims. Hashtags and online campaigns are being used to share messages of condolence and solidarity, as well as to raise funds for those affected by the shooting.

Reflection and Moving Forward

As the Fordyce community mourns the loss of four of its members and supports the injured, there is a collective sense of reflection on the causes and prevention of such violent acts. The incident has prompted discussions on mental health, gun control, and the importance of community vigilance.

Local leaders are emphasizing the need for unity and resilience in the face of such tragedy. Efforts are being made to strengthen community bonds and to implement measures that can help prevent future acts of violence.


The mass shooting at the Mad Butcher in Fordyce, Arkansas, is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence. As authorities continue to investigate the incident and seek justice for the victims, the community is coming together to support one another and to honor the memories of those who lost their lives. The swift response of law enforcement officers, the resilience of the community, and the ongoing discussions on public safety and gun control will shape the path forward as Fordyce heals from this heartbreaking event.

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