Texas Sheriff Highlights Struggle with Migrant Surge Impacting Local Law Enforcement

By worldwidetracers.com Dec 25, 2023

Texas Sheriff Highlights Struggle with Migrant Surge

Texas Sheriff Highlights-Introduction:

Texas Sheriff Highlights-The southern border of the United States is facing an unprecedented surge of migrants, placing a significant strain on law enforcement agencies. Maverick County, Texas, Sheriff Tom Schmerber recently spoke to CNN, expressing the challenges his officers are grappling with as they attempt to address both the surge in migrant border crossings and local matters. This article delves into the sheriff’s remarks, exploring the impact on manpower, the evolving role of law enforcement, and the broader consequences for the community.

Texas Sheriff Highlights

Texas Sheriff Highlights-Law Enforcement Struggles:

Texas Sheriff Highlights-Sheriff Schmerber emphasized the multifaceted nature of the challenges faced by his officers. He highlighted the strain on manpower, stating, “It’s a lot. The sheriff revealed that his deputies have been repeatedly reassigned from local duties to assist the US Customs and Border Protection in handling the surge of migrants.

Texas Sheriff Highlights-Reassigning officers has become a necessity, particularly when responding to calls for assistance from border patrol. Sheriff Schmerber detailed the need to escort buses carrying apprehended migrants for immigration processing, explaining, “So I’m having two units, two vehicles with my deputies, escorting those buses. That’s minus two.” Despite the strain on resources, the sheriff emphasized the importance of such actions for the security of the people, agents, and bus drivers involved.

Texas Sheriff Highlights-Causes of the Surge:

Texas Sheriff Highlights-The surge in border crossings has been attributed to various factors, including the activities of pseudo-legitimate travel agencies and organized transportation networks. These entities advertise travel to the southern US border but ultimately connect migrants with smugglers who facilitate large-scale illegal crossings. According to a border official, smugglers are orchestrating the illegal entry of up to 1,000 people at a time.

Federal authorities reported alarming statistics, with a seven-day average of more than 9,600 migrant encounters along the US southern border in December. This number represents one of the highest amounts ever recorded, significantly surpassing the reported average of around 6,800 encounters at the end of November.

Economic Impact on the Community:

Sheriff Schmerber pointed out that recent federal measures, such as the temporary suspension of operations at international railway crossing bridges in Eagle Pass and El Paso, had a direct impact on the local economy. The closure aimed to redirect personnel to process migrants but led to disruptions in international commerce that typically flowed through Maverick County. Businesses in the area, expecting a busy season, faced slowdowns due to the bridge closures.

The rail industry issued warnings about the negative consequences for consumers resulting from the suspension of operations in Eagle Pass and El Paso. While US Customs and Border Protection announced the resumption of operations at the international railway crossing bridges after a five-day closure, the economic repercussions lingered. Sheriff Schmerber highlighted the significance of the timing, stating, “With Christmas right now, that’s where all these businesses make a lot of money.”

Federal Support and Cooperation:

Despite the challenges faced by local law enforcement, Sheriff Schmerber noted a lack of support from the federal government. He stated, “The federal government has not at all helped the law enforcement officers here in this area.” While the state has provided some support, the absence of federal assistance has intensified the strain on local resources.

In response to the worsening situation, a call between US President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took place last week. Both leaders acknowledged the need for increased enforcement, and senior US officials are expected to travel to Mexico in the coming days to address the situation collaboratively.


The surge in migrant border crossings is presenting unprecedented challenges for law enforcement in Maverick County, Texas, and similar border regions. Sheriff Tom Schmerber’s insights shed light on the strain on manpower, economic consequences, and the critical need for federal support. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains essential for all levels of government to work collaboratively in addressing the complex issues at the intersection of immigration, law enforcement, and community well-being.

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