The Tale of an 81-Year-Old Serial Slingshot Great Shooter

By May 30, 2024

The Tale of an 81-Year-Old Serial

The Tale-For nearly a decade, residents of a Los Angeles County neighborhood have endured a series of mysterious and frustrating incidents: shattered windows, cracked windshields, and near misses from tiny projectiles. These unsettling events, which plagued the community, seemed to have no apparent cause or culprit—until now. Police have arrested an 81-year-old man, Prince King, who they allege is the mastermind behind these acts of vandalism. Dubbed a “serial slingshot shooter,” King stands accused of causing up to $10,000 in damage over the years.

The Tale-The Long-Awaited Arrest

The Tale-Last week, the Azusa Police Department arrested Prince King in Azusa, California, following a lengthy investigation. This probe revealed that King had allegedly been targeting his neighbors for almost a decade. The arrest brought a sense of relief and closure to a community that had been living under the shadow of these random acts of vandalism.

The Tale-The investigation that led to King’s arrest was not straightforward. Over the years, residents had filed numerous reports about the sporadic vandalism, but there were few leads. The incidents seemed random and lacked any discernible pattern, making it difficult for law enforcement to pinpoint a suspect. However, a breakthrough came when a sergeant began to notice similarities in the various reports and decided to delve deeper into the case.

The Tale-A Pattern Emerges

The Tale-The sergeant’s deeper investigation involved a meticulous review of the reports, interviews with the victims, and a closer examination of the damaged properties. This painstaking process began to reveal a pattern. The projectiles were small, suggesting a slingshot or a similar device was used. Moreover, the timing and location of the incidents suggested that the perpetrator lived nearby and had a specific modus operandi.

The Tale-Residents described hearing sharp, snapping sounds followed by the shattering of glass. These incidents often occurred in the early morning or late evening, times when the streets were quiet, and there were fewer witnesses. The projectiles were found to be consistent with those that could be launched from a high-powered slingshot, capable of inflicting significant damage even from a distance.

The Tale

The Tale-The Turning Point

The Tale-The investigation took a significant turn when surveillance footage from a resident’s security camera captured a shadowy figure lingering near one of the targeted homes. The footage was grainy, but it provided crucial evidence that someone was intentionally causing the damage. This evidence prompted the police to focus their efforts on identifying the figure in the video.

The Tale-With the new lead, the police increased their patrols in the neighborhood and set up additional surveillance. They also reached out to residents, asking them to report any suspicious activity. The community, eager to put an end to the vandalism, responded with heightened vigilance.

The Tale-Closing In on the Suspect

The Tale-As the investigation progressed, the police began to zero in on Prince King. Neighbors had noted his odd behavior and frequent presence around the times and locations of the vandalism. Additionally, some recalled seeing King with what appeared to be a slingshot, although they had not connected him to the incidents at the time.

The Tale-The final piece of the puzzle came when officers conducting surveillance observed King in the act. They witnessed him using a slingshot to launch projectiles at a nearby vehicle, catching him red-handed. This crucial evidence allowed the police to obtain a warrant for his arrest and search his property.

The Arrest and Charges

During the search of King’s home, officers found several slingshots and a stash of small projectiles consistent with those used in the vandalism incidents. They also discovered other incriminating evidence linking him to the damage. With this overwhelming evidence, King was taken into custody and charged with multiple counts of vandalism.

The news of King’s arrest spread quickly through the community, bringing a mixture of shock and relief. Many residents had known King for years, but few had suspected him of being the culprit behind the years of vandalism. Some expressed disbelief that an elderly man could be responsible for such acts, while others were simply relieved that the mystery had been solved.

Community Impact

The decade-long ordeal had a profound impact on the neighborhood. Residents had grown accustomed to the unsettling feeling of being targeted and the constant need for repairs. The financial burden of fixing broken windows and windshields, combined with the emotional toll of living in a state of uncertainty, had left many feeling frustrated and anxious.

With King now in custody, the community can begin to heal. The arrest has not only stopped the vandalism but also restored a sense of safety and peace. Residents have praised the Azusa Police Department for their persistence and dedication in solving the case. The sergeant who took the initiative to re-examine the reports has been particularly lauded for his role in bringing the investigation to a successful conclusion.

The Legal Process

As the legal process unfolds, King will have the opportunity to respond to the charges against him. The court will consider the evidence presented by the prosecution, including the surveillance footage, the slingshots and projectiles found in his home, and the testimonies of the victims and witnesses. If convicted, King could face significant penalties, including fines and possible jail time, despite his advanced age.

The case has also sparked discussions about the broader issues of property damage and community safety. Residents and local officials are considering measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, such as increased neighborhood watch programs and better lighting and security camera coverage.

Reflections and Lessons Learned

The story of the “serial slingshot shooter” highlights several important lessons for communities and law enforcement alike. First, it underscores the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement. The breakthrough in this case came when residents and police worked together, sharing information and resources to identify and apprehend the suspect.

Second, the case illustrates the value of persistence and attention to detail in investigations. The sergeant’s decision to re-examine the reports and look for patterns was crucial in solving the case. It shows that even in seemingly unsolvable cases, a fresh perspective and thorough investigation can yield results.

Finally, the case serves as a reminder that crime and vandalism can come from unexpected sources. It challenges stereotypes and assumptions about who might be responsible for such acts, emphasizing that anyone, regardless of age or appearance, can be capable of wrongdoing.

Moving Forward

With the arrest of Prince King, the neighborhood can now focus on rebuilding and moving forward. There is a renewed sense of community spirit as residents come together to support each other and discuss ways to prevent future incidents. Local leaders are advocating for more community engagement and proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

The Azusa Police Department continues to monitor the situation and remains committed to protecting the community. They have assured residents that they will take all necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of such vandalism and to address any other concerns that may arise.


The saga of the 81-year-old “serial slingshot shooter” has been a challenging and distressing chapter for the residents of this Los Angeles County neighborhood. However, the resolution of the case has brought relief and a sense of justice. The arrest of Prince King marks the end of a long period of fear and uncertainty and opens the door for the community to heal and rebuild.

As the legal proceedings continue, the community remains vigilant and united, determined to ensure that their neighborhood remains a safe and welcoming place for all. The lessons learned from this experience will undoubtedly strengthen the community and its relationship with law enforcement, paving the way for a brighter and more secure future.

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