Tragedy Strikes as Private Hangar Under Construction Collapses at Boise Airport: Three Dead, Nine Injured

By Feb 1, 2024

Tragedy Strikes as Private Hangar Under Construction Collapses

Tragedy Strikes as Private-Introduction

Tragedy Strikes as Private-In a devastating incident that unfolded on Wednesday evening, a privately owned hangar under construction collapsed on the outskirts of Boise Airport in Idaho’s capital, resulting in three fatalities and leaving nine others injured. The tragic event occurred at the intersection of West Rickenbacker and Luke streets around 5 p.m. MT, causing significant concern and prompting an immediate investigation by the city’s fire department. This article delves into the details of the collapse, the ongoing investigation, and the impact on the victims and their families.

Tragedy Strikes as Private

Tragedy Strikes as Private-The Incident

Tragedy Strikes as Private-The metal structure collapse occurred on the edge of Boise Airport’s airfield, causing a substantial and “fairly catastrophic” collapse of the building’s framework, according to Aaron Hummel, operations chief for the Boise Fire Department. The incident unfolded at a location not affiliated with the city, raising questions about the construction and safety practices employed during the building’s development. As the investigation began, city officials refrained from disclosing the names of the deceased and injured, respecting the families’ privacy during this difficult time.

Tragedy Strikes as Private-Response and Rescue Efforts

Tragedy Strikes as Private-First responders swiftly reacted to the emergency, arriving at the scene to find a chaotic situation. The primary focus was on securing the area and rescuing victims trapped in the debris. At the time of the news conference held on Wednesday, five of the nine survivors were in critical condition, receiving urgent medical attention at local hospitals. The diligent efforts of the emergency response teams ensured that everyone in the vicinity was accounted for, providing a small measure of relief amid the tragedy.

Tragedy Strikes as Private-Boise police played a crucial role in aiding the reunification of family members affected by the incident. The emotional toll on those connected to the victims cannot be understated, and efforts to provide support and assistance were paramount. The community rallied together during this challenging time, demonstrating solidarity and resilience in the face of unexpected adversity.

Details of the Collapse

The nature of the collapse was described as a “large-scale” event, raising concerns about the structural integrity of the building under construction. Aaron Hummel’s statement emphasized the global collapse of the framework, indicating that the incident was not localized to a specific area of the structure. The lack of immediate information regarding the cause heightened the urgency of the ongoing investigation.

Boise Fire Department’s Ongoing Investigation

As the city’s fire department initiated an investigation into the collapse, questions arose about the factors contributing to the catastrophic event. Understanding the root cause is crucial not only for the families directly impacted but also for preventing similar incidents in the future. The investigation aims to uncover whether design flaws, construction errors, or other factors played a role in the collapse.

Rebecca Hupp, the airport director, clarified during the news conference that the construction was not part of any airport project. This distinction is essential in determining the responsibility and oversight associated with the building’s development. The tragedy occurred on airport property but was unrelated to the airport’s operational infrastructure.

Impact on Traffic and Public Safety

The incident had immediate repercussions on the surrounding area, causing traffic issues near Boise Airport on I-84. The Idaho State Police issued warnings urging motorists to exercise caution and navigate through the affected area carefully. Public safety remained a top priority as authorities managed the aftermath of the collapse, ensuring that the incident did not lead to additional accidents or complications.


The collapse of the privately owned hangar under construction at Boise Airport stands as a tragic reminder of the potential dangers associated with large-scale building projects. As the investigation progresses, answers are sought not only for the sake of those directly affected but also to improve safety measures within the construction industry. The community’s response, both in terms of immediate rescue efforts and ongoing support for affected families, reflects the resilience and compassion that can emerge even in the face of unexpected and devastating events.

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