‘Food, Inc. 2’ Review: A Wake-Up Call That Strikes a Thoughtful Balance Between the Heartening and the Dire

By worldwidetracers.com Sep 2, 2023

In the 15 years since Food, Inc. shone a light on how unsustainable the food industry has become, many people have been galvanized to make healthier, better-informed choices in what they eat and who they buy it from. But during the months of COVID-19 lockdown, even the people behind that documentary were struck by just how unsustainable our food system is. And, as the sobering follow-up film they’ve made argues, individual purse-string choices can go only so far to build an ecosystem of kinder, gentler and more sensible proportions. How to dismantle the existing one when it’s a well-entrenched behemoth?

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