A Chilling Crime Unveiled: Mississippi Woman Faces Murder Charge as Police Discover Son’s Body Concealed Behind a False Wall

By worldwidetracers.com Jan 22, 2024

A Chilling Crime Unveiled: Mississippi Woman Faces Murder Charge

A Chilling Crime-Introduction:

A Chilling Crime-In a disturbing turn of events, a 66-year-old woman from Mississippi, Jerri Roby, also known as Jerri Israel, is facing a first-degree murder charge after authorities discovered the lifeless body of her 42-year-old son, John Allen Gaither, concealed within a wooden box hidden behind a false wall in her Gulfport home. The harrowing details of this case have shocked the community and raised questions about the events leading up to this gruesome discovery.

A Chilling Crime

A Chilling Crime-Investigation Unveils Dark Secrets:

A Chilling Crime-The investigation into this tragic incident began on December 22, 2023, when one of Gaither’s out-of-state relatives reported him missing. The last known contact with Gaither occurred on December 10, prompting the Gulfport Police Department to launch an immediate inquiry. Police spokesperson Jason DuCré revealed that as authorities delved into the case, they encountered discrepancies in statements provided by Roby. Over the course of the investigation, her cooperation dwindled, and she changed her statements multiple times, creating an atmosphere of suspicion.

A Chilling Crime-Criminal History Adds Complexity:

A Chilling Crime-Adding a layer of complexity to the case is Roby’s prior conviction for murder in Florida around 1995. Authorities disclosed that she had made several attempts to dispose of the deceased subject at various locations throughout Florida. Armed with this information, police obtained a search warrant to further explore Roby’s residence and unravel the mysteries surrounding Gaither’s disappearance.

A Chilling Crime-The Search and a Disturbing Discovery:

A Chilling Crime-On January 18, detectives and crime scene technicians executed the search warrant at Roby’s Gulfport home. As they entered the residence, a shocking turn of events unfolded: Roby ingested a handful of unspecified pills in an apparent attempt to evade justice. This necessitated her immediate transportation to a hospital for medical treatment, according to DuCré. During the search, law enforcement discovered a wooden box concealed behind a false wall, containing the lifeless body of John Allen Gaither.

A Chilling Crime-Deceptive Cover-Up Attempts:

A Chilling Crime-In a macabre attempt to cover up her heinous crime, Roby had written notes to family members, masquerading as her son and assuring them that he was okay. The discovery of multiple homemade wooden boxes, both inside the house and in the garage, suggests a disturbing pattern of deception and calculated efforts to conceal the shocking truth.

A Chilling Crime-Arrest and Detention:

Jerri Roby was apprehended on Saturday after being released from the hospital. Currently, she is being held in the Harrison County Detention Center without bond. DuCré emphasized that due to her previous criminal record, Roby is considered a flight risk. The community awaits information about her upcoming court appearance and details regarding her legal representation.


The unfolding tragedy surrounding Jerri Roby and the alleged murder of her son has sent shockwaves through the Gulfport community. As investigators delve deeper into the details of this case, the motive behind such a heinous act remains shrouded in mystery. Roby’s criminal history adds a layer of complexity, raising questions about her past actions and the circumstances leading to the current charges. The legal process will undoubtedly bring more clarity, but for now, the community is left grappling with the unsettling reality of a son’s life lost and a mother facing the gravest of charges.

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