A great Second Military Ordnance Retrieved Through Magnet Fishing in Massachusetts River within One Week

By worldwidetracers.com Mar 7, 2024

A great Second Military Ordnance Retrieved

A great-The Charles River in Needham, Massachusetts, has recently become a surprising site for the discovery of military ordnance by magnet fishing hobbyists. In a span of just a few days, two separate incidents occurred where individuals retrieved military projectiles from the river, sparking curiosity about the sudden appearance of these relics.

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A great-Josh Parker, a magnet fisherman and YouTuber from Brockton, Massachusetts, found himself in disbelief when he pulled up a bazooka round from the river during a routine magnet fishing expedition with friends. The discovery left him speechless, emphasizing the unexpected nature of finding such items in a recreational activity.

A great-Shortly after Parker’s find, another magnet fisherman and YouTuber from Brockton, Sean Martell, unearthed a military projectile from the same area of the Charles River. This projectile, measuring approximately 12 inches in length and 4 inches in diameter, showed significant signs of deterioration, leading authorities to speculate its origins to be from either World War I or World War II.

A great-Dave Procopio, a spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police, revealed that the recent discoveries included an old bazooka round dating potentially back to the World War II era. Parker estimated the weight of the projectile to be close to 200 pounds, indicating the magnitude of the items being retrieved from the river.

A great-Following Parker’s retrieval of the projectile, members of the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad swiftly intervened, safely neutralizing the ordnance to prevent any potential harm. The projectile was then disposed of in a secure location, as detailed in a Facebook post by the Needham police department.

A great-The consecutive discoveries of military ordnance in the Charles River have prompted questions about the sudden appearance of such items in the area. Procopio highlighted the rarity of finding ordnance in bodies of water through magnet fishing, suggesting that these artifacts are more commonly found on beaches or construction sites.

Needham town managers have been approached for comment regarding the recent discoveries, as the town, located approximately 18 miles southwest of Boston, finds itself at the center of this unusual phenomenon.

Despite the unexpected nature of these finds, Parker and Martell remain committed to their magnet fishing hobby, emphasizing its positive impact on cleaning waterways and ensuring the safety of both people and wildlife. Martell expressed satisfaction in contributing to the removal of impurities from the river, making it a safer environment for all.

Through his YouTube channel, 508 Magnets, Parker invites viewers to join him on his magnet fishing adventures across Massachusetts and New England, showcasing the excitement and discoveries associated with the hobby. Reflecting on his find, Parker expressed relief that he was the one to retrieve the projectile, ensuring the safety of others who frequent the river.

In conclusion, the recent discoveries of military ordnance in the Charles River highlight the unexpected encounters that can arise from recreational activities such as magnet fishing. While raising questions about the origins of these artifacts, individuals like Parker and Martell continue to engage in their hobby, contributing to the preservation and safety of waterways in their community.

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