Israel vs Hamas – The unwanted never ending Crucial War has Begun now, it should be stopped.

Israel vs Hamas – “US Cities Bolster Security at Religious Centers in Response to Israel Attacks, Confirming No Credible Threats” Israel vs Hamas – American cities are heightening security measures around places of worship following the recent attacks in Israel, while also reassuring residents that there are currently no credible threats within the United States. … Read more

Rupert Murdoch’s resignation, abandons ship as it approaches stormy waters.

Rupert Murdoch’s resignation – Rupert Murdoch abandons ship as it approaches stormy waters Rupert Murdoch’s resignation comes with unparalleled instability at his beleaguered Fox News business, raising several concerns about the network’s future as the country’s most popular right-wing outlet. According to exclusive reporting by the Guardian, Murdoch anticipated that a defamation case with Dominion … Read more