Kansas City Chiefs Rally Shooting: Third Suspect Charged with Murder

By worldwidetracers.com Mar 25, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs Rally Shooting

Kansas-A third individual has been implicated in the tragic events surrounding the mass shooting that occurred following a Kansas City Chiefs championship rally last month, resulting in the death of one woman and injuries to over two dozen individuals. Prosecutors revealed on Thursday that Terry J. Young, aged 20, faces charges of second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon, and two counts of armed criminal action, according to a statement released by Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker’s office.


Kansas-Young, currently without legal representation identified by CNN, is being held on a $1 million cash bond, as per court records. The fatal shooting claimed the life of a woman while numerous others were wounded as a result of gunfire exchanged after Young and two accomplices purportedly responded to a verbal altercation, detailed the prosecutor’s office.

-KansasThe altercation ensued when Young and his associates approached a member of another group, leading to a heated exchange of words, according to prosecutors. The situation escalated when one individual brandished a firearm, prompting Young to also draw a weapon and advance toward the first individual. Surveillance footage reviewed by investigators purportedly shows Young firing multiple shots during the altercation.

In their investigative efforts, authorities scrutinized Young’s social media presence, allegedly identifying him wearing a distinct backpack akin to the one observed in surveillance footage retrieved from Union Station, the site of the shooting. Additionally, cell phone data analysis indicated Young’s device was in proximity to the location of the shooting at the time it occurred, further implicating him in the incident, stated the prosecutor’s office.

Two other individual are also being detained on a $1 million bond. While representation for Mays has been reached out to, an attorney for Miller has yet to be identified by CNN.

Moreover, three juveniles have been implicated in the case and are facing charges in Family Court, according to prosecutors. Despite the custody of all individuals involved in the shooting, adult and juvenile authorities are continuing their investigation, with further charges anticipated due to the expansive nature of the ongoing probe, the prosecutor’s office asserted in its news release.

The Kansas City Chiefs rally shooting incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the devastating consequences of gun violence. As the legal proceedings unfold, the pursuit of justice remains paramount for the victims and their families, while law enforcement agencies endeavor to bring closure to a harrowing chapter in the city’s history.

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