Mother of Missing Toddler and her great Boyfriend Charged with Child Neglect

By Mar 1, 2024

Mother of Missing Toddler

Mother-In a tragic turn of events, the mother of a missing 3-year-old Wisconsin boy, along with her boyfriend, appeared in court on Monday, facing charges of child neglect. This distressing development comes nearly a week after the child’s last sighting, leaving a community and family in anguish.


Mother-Elijah Vue was last seen on February 20 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, under the care of Jesse Vang, the boyfriend of the boy’s mother, Katrina Baur. Vang, upon waking from a nap at his residence, discovered Elijah missing. He recounted this alarming discovery to the authorities, igniting a search effort that has gripped the region.

Mother-Both Baur, 31, and Vang, 39, now face charges of felony child neglect, with additional accusations against Baur of obstructing an officer. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the severity of these charges, as the search for Elijah intensifies.

Mother-Vang revealed to investigators that he had been intermittently caring for Elijah for approximately a month, during which he attempted to address what he deemed as the child’s “bad behaviors.” Baur expressed a desire for Vang to serve as a paternal figure for Elijah, advocating for discipline but setting limits on its extent.

The disciplinary measures described by Vang paint a distressing picture, including prolonged periods of standing coupled with prayer and verbal apologies. Such methods raise profound concerns about the treatment and well-being of the child under their care.

Elijah’s living conditions during his stay with Vang are equally troubling. Denied access to his only toy and subjected to punitive measures such as being placed in “time out,” Elijah’s experience underlines the neglect alleged in the charges against Baur and Vang.

Moreover, Vang’s own admission of consuming alcohol and medication the night before Elijah’s disappearance adds another layer of distress to the narrative. The sequence of events leading up to Elijah’s disappearance paints a concerning picture of negligence and potential endangerment.

Despite the mounting evidence and the urgency of Elijah’s disappearance, both Baur and Vang find themselves behind bars, held at the Manitowoc County Jail pending further legal proceedings. Their incarceration serves as a sobering reminder of the gravity of the situation and the stakes involved.

In the wake of Elijah’s disappearance, the community has rallied in support of the search efforts. Public appeals for information and assistance have echoed throughout the region, as law enforcement agencies and volunteers comb through various locations in search of any trace of the missing toddler.

Authorities have conducted extensive searches, spanning from urban areas to rural landscapes, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for answers. A landfill search and river examinations underscore the exhaustive efforts undertaken to locate Elijah, offering a glimpse into the scale and scope of the operation.

Amidst the search efforts, the anguish and anguish of Elijah’s family are palpable. Orson Vue, the child’s uncle, articulated the family’s anguish and frustration during Monday’s court proceedings, demanding accountability for the actions, or inaction, of Baur and Vang.

As the search for Elijah continues, the community remains united in its resolve to bring him home safely. The harrowing ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of the innocent and the collective responsibility to ensure their protection and well-being. Until Elijah is found, the search persists, fueled by hope and unwavering determination to reunite him with his loved ones.

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