“Ricardo’s Railway Adventure: A Texas Longhorn’s Journey from Chaos to Sanctuary Haven”

By worldwidetracers.com Dec 15, 2023

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure: A Texas Longhorn’s Journey from Chaos

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Introduction:

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-In a tale that blends chaos, resilience, and compassion, a spirited Texas Longhorn named Ricardo became the unexpected protagonist when he wandered onto the tracks at Newark’s Penn Station . This incident, which initially caused consternation among transit officials and commuters, took a heartwarming turn as Ricardo found a new lease on life in an animal sanctuary. This narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a bustling urban landscape, where the line between the concrete jungle and the natural world became blurred for a brief but memorable moment.

Ricardo's Railway Adventure

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-The Commotion at Penn Station:

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Thursday morning took an unusual turn when transit officials announced a potential delay of up to 45 minutes between Newark and New York City, attributing it to a young Texas Longhorn standing defiantly in the middle of the railway tracks. Dubbed “Ricardo” by those who would later become his caretakers, the charismatic steer drew attention not only for the inconvenience caused but also for the spectacle he created.

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Cheryl H., a witness interviewed by CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey, vividly described the chaotic scene as police and emergency crews attempted to corral the lively Longhorn. “They tried to corner the bull not once but twice,” Cheryl recounted.
The Tranquilizing of Ricardo:

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Amidst the chaos, authorities deemed it necessary to tranquilize Ricardo to ensure the safety of both the animal and those trying to manage the situation. Subsequently, Ricardo was carefully transported to the Skyland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, approximately 50 miles away. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for the spirited Longhorn.

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Insights from the Sanctuary:

Ricardo’s Railway Adventure-Mike Stura, the founder and president of the Skyland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, shared valuable insights into Ricardo’s background and condition. According to Stura, Ricardo is around one and a half years old and weighs between 750 and 850 pounds. Speaking on CNN’s “Laura Coates Live” on a Friday night, Stura provided an update on Ricardo’s post-tranquilization state. “He’s doing much better than he was when I first met him,” Stura remarked. “He was tranquilized. He was flat out on his side, and that’s no good for them. Bovines can’t lay flat on their side like that.”

Ricardo’s Recovery and Care:

As Ricardo emerged from sedation, Stura noted the Longhorn’s improved demeanor. Although Ricardo had yet to stand, he had transitioned from lying flat on his side to sitting up and resting on his chest. Stura explained that Ricardo had been administered antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and was placed in quarantine. The Longhorn would remain under observation until a veterinarian deemed him fit to join other animals in the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Experience:

The Skyland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, situated in the tranquil town of Wantage, offered Ricardo a haven where he could recover and live out the remainder of his days. Stura’s dedication to the well-being of animals became evident as he shared his thoughts on Ricardo’s potential escape. Stura hypothesized that the Longhorn had escaped from a local slaughterhouse before finding his way onto the tracks.

Understanding the Steer:

Stura offered an informative perspective on the nature of Ricardo, explaining that a steer is a castrated bull, a process undertaken to make them more docile. This insight into Ricardo’s background not only sheds light on his spirited escapade but also invites contemplation on the ethical considerations surrounding the treatment of animals in various industries.


Ricardo’s journey from a disruptor on the railway tracks to a resident of the Skyland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable intersections between urban landscapes and the natural world. The chaos he briefly caused transformed into an opportunity for compassion and care, showcasing the resilience of animals and the humanity of those dedicated to their well-being. As Ricardo settles into his new life at the sanctuary, his story becomes a testament to the power of second chances and the enduring bond between humans and the creatures that share our world.

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