The Great Trump calls for more and earlier presidential debates with Biden

By Apr 13, 2024

The Great Trump calls

The Great-Trump’s campaign is pushing for an earlier and more extensive series of presidential debates with President Joe Biden. In a letter penned by Trump’s co-campaign managers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, they advocate for starting the debates sooner to ensure a broader audience before voters cast their ballots. They highlight concerns about the timing of the scheduled debates, expressing that by the time they commence, millions of Americans will have already voted.

The Great

The Great-The campaign suggests that the current debate schedule is insufficient given the increasing number of early voters. They propose an accelerated timetable to provide ample opportunity for voters to observe the candidates in action. Moreover, they argue for expanding the number of debates beyond the existing three, citing historical precedence, such as the famous Lincoln- Douglas debates of 1858.

The Great-Trump’s willingness to engage in debates is emphasized, with his campaign asserting his readiness to face Biden at any time and place. However, there’s uncertainty surrounding Biden’s commitment to participating in traditional debates, with his stance reportedly contingent on Trump’s behavior.

The letter underscores past grievances with the Commission on Presidential Debates, criticizing their perceived bias and handling of previous debates. Trump’s campaign alleges that the commission’s actions, including mic cutoffs and moderator selection, have undermined the integrity of the debates.

This call for earlier and more numerous debates is part of an ongoing narrative surrounding the dynamics between the two candidates, with Trump previously pushing for a quicker start to the debate cycle. Biden, in response, has displayed confidence in facing Trump on the debate stage, suggesting that Trump has no alternative agenda.

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