Tragic Events Unfold: Former NBA G League Player and Girlfriend Arrested in Connection with Kidnapping and Murder of Missing Woman in Las Vegas

By Dec 20, 2023

Tragic Events Unfold: Former NBA G League Player and Girlfriend Arrested in Connection with Kidnapping and Murder

Tragic Events Unfold-Introduction

Tragic Events Unfold-In a shocking turn of events, Chance Comanche, a former player with the NBA G League’s Stockton Kings, and his girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, have been arrested and charged in connection. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made the announcement on Sunday, revealing the grim details of the case. This article delves into the unfolding tragedy, exploring the background of the suspects, the events leading up to the arrest, and the legal proceedings that have ensued.

Tragic Events Unfold

Tragic Events Unfold-The Arrest and Initial Charges

Tragic Events Unfold-Chance Comanche, 27, and Sakari Harnden, 19, were arrested last week and initially charged with the kidnapping of Harnden’s friend, Marayna Rodgers. The alarming case took a darker turn when Rodgers’ remains were found in a desert area of Henderson, approximately 20 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The discovery prompted the police to pursue murder charges against the couple.

Tragic Events Unfold-Background of the Victim and Suspects

Tragic Events Unfold-Marayna Rodgers was reported missing on December 7, just two days after she was last seen with friends. The police investigation revealed that Rodgers had arranged to meet with Harnden and Comanche. The motive behind the kidnapping and subsequent murder remains unclear, but early in the investigation, detectives suspected foul play and gathered evidence to arrest Harnden and Comanche for their roles in Rodgers’ disappearance.

Tragic Events Unfold-Chance Comanche, a former player with the Stockton Kings, an affiliate of the Sacramento Kings, has been in the public eye for his basketball career. The Kings announced his release from the team on Friday, following his arrest in connection with the kidnapping and murder case. Comanche’s sudden fall from grace raises questions about the possible impact on his professional career.

Tragic Events Unfold-Sakari Harnden, Comanche’s girlfriend, also faced charges related to the kidnapping and disappearance of Rodgers. As the investigation progressed and Rodgers’ remains were discovered, Harnden was additionally charged with murder and theft, both felonies. The court records indicate a complex legal landscape for the suspects, with potential serious consequences for their actions.

Discovery of Rodgers’ Remains and Murder Charges

Following the arrests of Comanche and Harnden, investigators obtained crucial information leading them to the desert area of Henderson, where Marayna Rodgers’ remains were found. The tragic discovery prompted detectives to assert that both Harnden and Comanche were responsible for the murder of Rodgers. Harnden, facing mounting charges, now also bears the weight of murder and theft accusations, intensifying the legal consequences she may face.

Legal Proceedings and Charges

As of now, no murder charge has been officially filed against Chance Comanche according to court records. However, the police, in their statement on Sunday, asserted that both suspects’ charges would be “amended to open murder through coordination with the Clark County District Attorney’s office.” This suggests that the legal proceedings are still evolving, and additional charges may be imminent for Comanche.

Harnden, on the other hand, has been formally charged with murder and theft, in addition to the initial kidnapping charge. She appeared in court on both Thursday and Sunday, where her bond was set at $500,000. The legal process for Harnden is underway, and the severity of the charges against her indicates a challenging legal battle ahead.

Arrest and Extradition of Chance Comanche

Chance Comanche’s arrest was carried out by FBI personnel on Friday in Sacramento, California. He is currently awaiting extradition to Nevada, where the legal proceedings related to his charges will take place. The involvement of federal agencies adds a layer of complexity to the case, and the extradition process will likely involve coordination between law enforcement authorities in different jurisdictions.


The kidnapping and murder case involving former NBA G League player Chance Comanche and his girlfriend Sakari Harnden has sent shockwaves through the sports community and beyond. As the legal proceedings unfold, the tragic details surrounding Marayna Rodgers’ disappearance and death continue to emerge. The case highlights the intersection of sports, crime, and the legal system, raising questions about the possible repercussions for the individuals involved and the broader impact on the professional careers of those connected to the sports industry. As the investigation develops, it serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and unpredictability of human behavior, even among individuals who have achieved prominence in the public eye.

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