Turbulence Incident on United Flight 85: A Detailed Account

By worldwidetracers.com Apr 1, 2024

Turbulence Incident on United Flight

On a seemingly routine journey from Tel Aviv to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, United Airlines Flight 85 encountered a tumultuous turn of events. Seven individuals found themselves in need of medical attention after experiencing severe turbulence, prompting an unscheduled landing at New York Stewart International Airport. The incident, marked by a passenger medical emergency, stirred concern among both passengers and aviation authorities.


According to reports from local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief Michael Bigg, the flight’s detour was necessitated by the intense turbulence that left passengers shaken and in distress. United Airlines confirmed that one passenger was medically disembarked due to an undisclosed ailment, while several others were assessed by medical personnel for symptoms of motion sickness. Notably, the airline attributed the incident, in part, to adverse weather conditions characterized by high winds at Newark.

Chief Bigg provided insights into the immediate aftermath of the turbulent ordeal, recounting how the EMS units were greeted with accounts of discomfort and unease from both passengers and flight crew. Among the approximately 319 individuals aboard the Boeing 787 aircraft, reports of nausea and chest pains were prevalent, indicating the severity of the turbulence experienced during the attempted landing at Newark. Despite the absence of major injuries, a significant number of passengers expressed symptoms such as vomiting and motion sickness, prompting medical evaluation.

In response to the unfolding situation, EMS personnel swiftly assessed and attended to approximately 30 individuals, ensuring that those in need received prompt medical attention. Of these, seven individuals were subsequently transported to a local hospital for further observation, emphasizing the cautious approach adopted in addressing potential health concerns arising from the turbulent episode. Chief Bigg reiterated that while no serious injuries were reported, the decision to transfer select passengers for observation was made to ensure their well-being and provide reassurance amid the unsettling circumstances.

The aftermath of the turbulence incident underscored the collaborative efforts between aviation authorities, airline personnel, and emergency responders in managing unforeseen challenges mid-flight. Despite the disruption to the flight’s schedule, United Airlines ensured that necessary measures were taken to address the well-being of affected passengers, including facilitating the resumption of the journey to Newark following refueling at Stewart International Airport. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel and the importance of preparedness in responding to emergencies that may arise at any stage of the journey.

As passengers and crew members reflect on the harrowing experience aboard United Flight 85, the swift response of emergency services and the professionalism demonstrated by airline staff stand as testament to the resilience and adaptability of the aviation industry in navigating turbulent times. While turbulence remains an inherent risk of air travel, incidents such as this reinforce the commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers through proactive measures and effective crisis management protocols.

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